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Villa Rentals in Italy

Are you finding luxury villa for rentals in Italy? Luxury and Charme serves you complete solutions for your luxury villa rentals requirements. Private villa rentals in Italy by Luxury and Charme welcome you to enjoy the vacation with your dream accommodation. We offer you all lavish facilities and comfort that suit to your needs and comforts.

Luxury and Charme provides you many beautiful well located properties that make your trip unforgettable. Most of our villas serve you eye catching view points that help you to get relaxed from your tedious routine. Before entry of Luxury and Charme in accommodation industry, it was fairly tedious job to get beautiful and comfortable villa with affordable rates. We made it easy for you to get happy stay in luxury villas with all amenities.

Luxury Villas Rental in Italy

Luxury and Charme pays personal attentions for your comforts and facilities that is why we supply always fully furnished villas for rent Italy wide. Most of our villas are inherited with private swimming pool, beautiful entrance garden and latest furniture, air condition, separate heating system and all kitchens’ amenities that make your task easy and serve happy stay.

We have owned many beautiful and huge properties to rent you across Italy wide. All of them able to accommodate small group of visitors as well as extremely large team. Our range of fantastic luxury villa rentals in Italy starts from 2 bedrooms to 12 bedrooms available. Enjoy each moments of your vacation having charming luxury villas in Italy and experience happy holidays everlasting.

You can find photo gallery on site and view beautiful pictures of your dream villas located in Italy. Click here or call us on +39 0571 675200 and choose your type of luxury and charming villa. Book your stay in advance and get relaxed for your trip to Italy.


Villa Coligu
Property Details
Mini. Rate € 3000
Max. Rate € 3750
Property Rating Rating

Villa Coligu Villa Coligu Villa Coligu
Beautiful villa wonderfully located offering panoramic views over the Maddalena gulf and its islands. This property is situated in the exclusive peninsula of Porto Raphael – Punta Sardegna, and it is surrounded by a large terraced garden (over 2000 square metres) and a well-kept lawn decorated with flowers and Mediterranean plants and trees (olive trees, myrtle bushes, prickle pears).

About Italy

Italy is a home of European culture, located in Southern Mediterranean Europe. Italy is a peninsula which is shaped like a boot.

Italy is the 4th most popular tourist destination around the globe, thanks to its art, food, music and sightseeing's, but also thanks to the fact that it is an incredibly "flexible" destination: Italy offers sea destinations, such as Tuscan Coast and Tuscan islands and Sicily, but also mountain destinations in the Alps and in the Apennines, and the Chianti countryside and Florentine hills are famous worldwide, for the beautiful landscapes and the extraordinary farm products (Chianti wine, olive oil, Vernaccia wine, pecorino cheese and so on.) you can reach in the countryside of Italy.

But mainly tourists come to Italy for its splendid monuments: leaning tower of Pisa, Coliseum and San Pietro in Rome, Battistero and the Duomo in Florence, Piazza del Campo and Palazzo Chigi in Siena, the beautiful baroque Churches in Sicily, and the extraordinary Etruscan excavations in Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio.

There are so many important Italian monuments, buildings and art crafts to visit in Italy you will hardly decide what you would like to do, during your holiday in Italy, and what to postpone to your next travel in Italy!

There are so many things to do in Italy: walking tours on the Chianti hills, the beautiful Tuscan countryside, cycling tours in Umbria, for visiting beautiful cities such as Cortona and Perugia and Gubbio and the extraordinary Valdichiana, and cooking lessons in Tuscany, and horse riding and you could also book an apartment close to the sea, in Sicily, and have a vacation on the seaside in Italy.

And what about Italian cooking? During your holiday in Italy you will have the possibility to taste those Italian dishes and recipes you have always dreamed of: agnolotti, cannelloni, lasagna, spaghetti, maccheroni and risotto and the original pizza, and bruschetta and crostini, polenta and the tasty tiramisu.

You will also find the typical farm products from the Italian countryside: pecorino cheese, salami, Chianti wine, and in the south, the famous Marsala sweet wine and the Malvasia and Muffato and the Sicilian deserts, so rich in honey, almonds, sugar and vanilla.

We can assure you that your journey to Italy would be tremendous, weather you may be a kid, youngster or seniors.